Posted on: September 7, 2008 1:13 am

PH's top 25 NCAA football rankings, September 7th

After a great day of college football i figured i would make my own NCAA football top 25

1. USC, good offense, great defense, they are my #1

2. Georgia, Dan LeFevour should take down his Heisman poster near Comerica Park...

3. Oklahoma, they Crushed a good Cincy team

4. Ohio St., Todd Beockman sucks, they should play Terrelle Pryor

5.  Florida, i hate them but i was impressed by there victory over Miami

6. Missouri, only problem is no dominant running back

7. LSU, they will destroy Troy

8. Texas, not a big fan of them but you cant argue with results

9. Auburn, they need to learn how to hang on to the football, they cannot make mistakes like that when SEC play starts

10. Wisconsin, Alan Evridge looked great today, proving he can play is a big boost for Wisconsin

11. Kansas, they should have scored more points against Lousiana Tech, but they still looked solid

12. Arizona St., i like ASU alot, there defense is improved and Rudy Carpenter is the best QB in the pac 10

13. Texas Tech, didnt dominate against Nevada but still won by 16

14. Alabama, there Special Teams and Defense carried them today

15. Oregon, One of the most underrated football programs in CFB, they always have a decent team

16. Penn St., they straughtered Oregon St. today

17. Wake Forest, they showed up in the clutch today and pulled out a nice win against an underrated Ole Miss. team

18. USF, UCF was a good test today and USF came through

19. ECU, they play smart football by not turning the ball over and not giving up big plays

20. Utah, the best team in the Mountain West, Brian Johnson is awesome

21. BYU, not as good as we thought, they almost lost to Jake Locker today, luckily the refs blew a call

22. West Virginia, there offensive line looks like the worst WVU has had in a while

23. Fresno St., they played well setting up a great match up against Wisconsin next week

24. Illinois, Juice Williams a heisman contender?

25. Georgia Tech, Paul Johnson is the most underrated coach in CFB

the next best 15

26. UCLA

27. Clemson

28. Cal

29. Virginia Tech

30. Tulsa

31. Tennessee

32. Boise St.

33. South Carolina

34. Oklahoma St.

35. Ole Miss.

36. Miami, Randy Shannon has them heading in the right direction

37. Arizona

38. Kentucky

39. Minnesota, they crushed Bowling Green, who beat Pitt. by 10


Heisman top 5 (no specific order other than Tebow who should be no. 1)

1. Tim Tebow

2. Knowshon Moreno

3. Chase Daniel

4. Sam Bradford

5. Rudy Carpenter

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