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My current Top 10 favorite TV shows

My favorite top 10 current tv shows, starting with my favorite, note i am not including actual sports games like the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, NBA, etc. because they are not year round shows and they arent really shows they are events and of course would probably be on the top of everyone's lists including mine, also i am a high schooler so of course my list is obviously different than an adults

*all times central

  1. Around the Horn- Sports info, comedy and debate this show has all 3 of these things, the only thing its missing is hot women
  2. Baseball Tonight, similar to ATH, only alot of the analysts are either really dumb or realy annoying, like Steve Phillips and Tim Kurkjan, the best thing about this show is it is all baseball and John Kruk is awesome
  3. Anything WWE (Raw, SD, ECW) Even though it is fake i still find it enjoyable to watch, especially the ppv's
  4. Two and a Half Men - The funniest show on television
  5. World's strongest man- yes it is an event, but for this lists sake i will consider it a show because it is not very mainstream and it is on all the time on ESPN
  6. King of the Hill- although some of the humor is kind of lame, the show is still pretty funny
  7. South Park- it has to be on everyones list
  8. Manswers- alot of the facts are really interesting, what man isnt interested in finding out cool facts, like what time of day chicks are the horniest
  9. Family Guy- Peter Griffin is the funniest character on tv, but some of the supporting cast needs work, like Joe and Meg
  10. Fresh Prince of Bel AIr- although old, still very funny

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Pizza's top 109 prospects

A few months back i did a top 40 prospects but things have changed, so i will unveil a  top 109, As I dont have time to do write-ups on everyone i will only highlight 10 interesting prospects Bold=write up at end

  1. David Price, SP, Rays
  2. Matt Wieters, C, Orioles
  3. Jason Heyward. OF, Braves
  4. Travis Snider, OF, Blue Jays
  5. Cameron Maybin, OF, Marlins
  6. Madison Bumgarner, SP, Giants
  7. Neftali Feliz, SP, Rangers
  8. Mike Moustakas, 3B, Royals
  9. Colby Rasmus, OF, Cardinals
  10. Dexter Fowler, OF, Rockies
  11. Trevor Cahill, SP, A's
  12. Matt LaPorta, OF, Indians
  13. Chris Tillman, SP, Orioles
  14. Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pirates
  15. Rick Porcello, SP, Tigers
  16. Tommy Hanson, SP, Braves
  17. Brett Anderson, SP, A's
  18. Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Pirates
  19. Jhoulys Chacin, SP, Rockies
  20. Max Ramirez, C/1B, Rangers
  21. Jarrod Parker, SP, Diamondbacks
  22. Mike Stanton, OF, Marlins
  23. Tim Alderson, SP, Giants
  24. Josh Vitters, 3B, Cubs
  25. Brian Matusz, SP, Orioles
  26. Lars Anderson, 1B, Red Sox
  27. Buster Posey, C, Giants
  28. Derek Holland, SP, Rangers
  29. Mat Gamel, 3B, Brewers
  30. Tim Beckham, SP, Rays
  31. Carlos Santana, C, Indians
  32. Justin Smoak, 1B, Rangers
  33. Wade Davis, SP, Rays
  34. Angel Villalona, 1B, Giants
  35. Jeremy Hellickson, SP, Rays
  36. Eric Hosmer, 1B, Royals
  37. James McDonald, SP, Dodgers
  38. Elvis Andrus, SS, Rangers
  39. Jordan Schafer, OF, Braves
  40. Alcides Escobar, SS, Brewers
  41. Jesus Montero, C, Yankees
  42. Yonder Alonso, 1B, Reds
  43. Jordan Zimmerman, SP, Nationals
  44. Logan Morrison, 1B, Marlins
  45. Michael Main, SP, Rangers
  46. Micheal Saunders, OF, Mariners
  47. Fernando Martinez, OF, Mets
  48. Reid Brignac, SS, Rays
  49. Taylor Teagarden, C, Rangers
  50. Ben Revere, OF, Twins
  51. Matt Dominguez, 3B, Marlins
  52. Gordon Beckham, SS, White Sox
  53. Austin Jackson, OF, Yankees
  54. Aaron Hicks, OF, Twins
  55. Brett Wallace, 3B, Cardinals
  56. Michael Burgess, OF, Nationals
  57. Carlos Carrasco, SP, Phillies
  58. Phillipe Aumont, SP, Mariners
  59. Brett Cecil, SP, Blue Jays
  60. Freddie Freeman, 1B, Braves
  61. Chris Carter, 1B, A's
  62. Desmond Jennings, OF, Rays
  63. Jeremy Jeffress, SP, Brewers
  64. Jake Arrieta, SP, Orioles
  65. Nick Weglarz, OF, Indians
  66. Adrian Cardenas, INF, A's
  67. Michael Bowden, SP, Red Sox
  68. Jordan Walden, SP, Angels
  69. Greg Halman, OF, Mariners
  70. Tyler Flowers, C, Braves
  71. Carlos Triunful, SS, Mariners
  72. Wilmer Flores, SS, Mets
  73. Angel Salome, C, Brewers
  74. Christopher Marrero, OF, Nationals
  75. Jason Donald, SS, Phillies
  76. Jose Ceda, RP, Marlins
  77. Jeff Samardzija, RP, Cubs
  78. Chris Coghlan, 2B, Marlins
  79. Julio Borbon, OF, Rangers
  80. Daniel Cortes, SP, Royals
  81. Gio Gonzalez, SP, A's
  82. JP Arenicbia, C, Blue Jays
  83. Brett Lawrie, C, Brewers
  84. Kyle Blanks, 1B, Padres
  85. Aaron Poreda, RP, White Sox
  86. Gorkys Hernandez, OF, Braves
  87. Ivan Dejesus, SS, Dodgers
  88. Jose Tabata, OF, Pirates
  89. James Simmons, SP, A's
  90. Chris Perez, RP, Cardinals
  91. Aaron Cunningham, OF, A's
  92. Martin Perez, SP, Rangers
  93. Jon Niese, SP, Mets
  94. Daryl Jones, OF, Cardinals
  95. Todd Frazier, OF, Reds
  96. Jacob McGee, SP, Rays
  97. Beau Mills, 3B, Indians
  98. Jeff Niemann, SP, Rays
  99. Scott Elbert, SP, Dodgers
  100. Dellin Betances, SP, Yankees
  101. Kila Ka'aihue, 1B, Royals
  102. Ryan Perry, SP/RP, Tigers
  103. Chris Valiaka, SS, Reds
  104. Brad Holt, SP, Mets
  105. Josh Reddick, OF, Red Sox
  106. Brandon Erbe, SP, Orioles
  107. Taylor Green, 3B, Brewers
  108. Michael Inoa, SP, A's
  109. Ross Detwieler, SP, Nationals

3. Jason Heyward, OF, Braves

Heyward 2007's 14th pick is turning out to be a major steal. The prime gem in the Braves system has 5 tool potential with a good sense of the strike zone. At 6'4, he has plenty of power potential and it will grow as he advance's up the system. Just turning 19 he amzingly has a shot at hitting the majors this upcoming season as a possible September call-up. His defense is also above average, as he has a strong throwing arm and great range for a corner outfield spot.

13. Chris Tillman, SP, Orioles

Just acquired this year in the Erik Bedard trade, Tillman is more than worthy of his number 13 spot on my list. His best pitch is by far his 12-6 curve. What impresses people most about Tillman was his ability to dominate as the youngest player in Double A at age 20. With Improving control and a strong baseball knowledge he should be in the majors soon, and could be an above average 2 starter or maybe an ace with his great stuff.

20. Max Ramirez, C, Rangers

First off i dont care if Ramirez cant play defense...he can flat out hit! as evidenced by his statistics this year in the minors. Although he strikesout a lot, almost every power hitter does so it's not a big concern. If Max could improve his defense at catcher he could possibly even rank higher than this. Unfortunatly his opportunity to play might not come with the rangers because they are stacked at 1B, C and DH.

31. Carlos Santana, C, Indians

Traded to the Indians in the Casey Blake trade, the Indians have found them a very solid future catcher. Santana taking a huge step forward in every statistical category has a bright future. His sudden breakthrough is worrisome to some, but certainly not me. Overall his 2008 minor league season was one of the best and he still is still just 22, he is very advanced for a catcher at this age. He has good plate discipline and it will allow him to challenge pitchers as he moves up through the minors.

45. Micheal Main, SP, Rangers

Often unheralded because of Derek Holland and Neftali Feliz, Main could end up being better than both with some scouts already calling him the next Mike Mussina. Main is still quite raw, but has an excellent repertoire of pitches headed by his fastball and is loaded with talent. He throws very hard and as he gains a better feel for the game he could throw upper 90's fastballs with consistency. If his secondary pitches develop a little more dont be suprised if he becomes a future star.

56. Michael Burgess, OF, Nationals

There are few players in the minors with as much talent as this young man, and i am a fan. The main issue with Burgess is his strikeouts but as he ages it should become less of a problem. Only 20 he is quite a ways away, But lets focus on right now. Right now basically Burgess is gifted with power, but lacks plate discipline and is still very raw. If he cuts down on his strikeout and turns a few of them into hits, his power will easily carry him to the majors.

62. Desmond Jennings, OF, Rays

Jennings was placed on the map with his terrific 2007 minor league campaign showing potential as a strong future lead off hitter. Than Jennings got hurt getting only 85 at bats in the 2008 season. Right now no one knows what Jennings future could be, he could be a star or could never reach the majors. What we do know is Jennings is a speed demon, if he can retain it and return to form he most certainly will be special. This ranking should be justified as High Risk, High Reward.

76. Jose Ceda, RP, Marlins

The cubs most certainly lost something special in this imo future star closer in the Kevin Gregg swap. Ceda's biggest problem is his control but it can be contained in a reliever role. He is very intimidating with his large frame and can dial his fastball up to 100. He has 2 plus pitches in his fastball and slider. It is worth noting that his ERA is signifacantly lower as reliever which the Marlins should use him as.

85. Aaron Poreda, SP, White Sox

Basically Poreda has one pitch, his Fastball. Which he dials up to the mid 90's. As a lefty with that velocity he most certainly will make it to the bigs. As he advances his biggest need is to develop better secondary pitches if he doesnt develop them he will be eaten alive in the bigs.

106. Brandon Erbe, SP, Orioles

After a terrible 07 season Erbe somewhat redeemed himself as a solid prospect. Right now Erbe is way to inconsitent but has great stuff evidenced by getting about 1 strikeout per inning. I think he could flourish in an inning's eater role in a pitchers park because he gives up to many homers.

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Fix this Team: Milwaukee Brewers

First off i think the Brewers best chances to win the WS are 2-3 years down the line based on the fact that we will no longer have Suppan so is rediculos contract will be off the books, but i guess at least he is an ok pitcher for now and we still could win it this year or next maybe. And more contracts like Cameron and so on will be gone so we can make a decent push in FA in the upcoming years and we can also lock up Hart and maybe Fielder. Now on to this offseason-

I will start with the biggest issue, the Bullpen, i like Mike Lincoln, he has a good stuff and can be signed cheaply maybe 2 years 2.5 million each year, with a 3rd year option of 3.5 million, plus no compensation needed. Re-sign Shouse, him and Lincoln would be a nice 6-7th inning punch and possibly 8th inning, give Shouse a similar contract to Lincoln. Now with Mota give him an incentives contact with a 2nd and 3rd year option, start him off with light work, if were up big or down by 3-4 runs, if he excels give him more important work. Now the biggest problems, set up and closer. For set up man go after Arthur Rhodes, he always does a nice job in any bullpen and will come cheap 1 year 4 million and is only type b compensation so we lose our 2nd rounder and most of our picks will be restocked by departures. I think our closer will come via trade and i would hope it be Huston Street, no he's not spectacular but he is consistent, and thats what the Brewers need from the Closer, no more Turnbow's or Gagne's!!! I think Street would be easy to get considering the Rockies seem to be re-stocking/re-building a bit so we will give them Mark Rogers and Jonathan Lucroy, two decent prospects that are blocked. Also we are getting a 2nd rounder and supplemental for Gagne leaving! Bullpen solved.

  • RP- Guillermo Mota
  • RP- Mike Lincoln
  • RP- Brian Shouse
  • RP- Mitch Stetter
  • RP- David Riske
  • LR- Capuano (maybe starter idk)
  • SU- Arthur Rhodes
  • CL- Huston Street

That is one hell of a bullpen

Now the Starting rotation, first off sadly,  Sabathia is ovbiously gone, it sucks, but at least we get a Yankee first rounder because it is not protected, Next Sheets is probably gone, personally i hope he leaves and hope he signs with the Mets for there first rounder. What we do have is a possible ace in Gallardo, a talented but inconsistent Manny Parra, Seth McClung(i personnaly think he is undervalued), Maybe Cappy, Dave Bush and Villanueva. Now what we should do, Make Gallardo the ace, yes i said it, many scouting services have hailed his talent including BP and i am a huge believer in him, yes this could make or break are season but i think there's only a 20% chance of this failing. Next the very important number two spot, sign Brad Penny to a 3 year 30 million dollar contract, he is very underrated and has been under the radar so far this offseason and he is only type B! I think he could easily average about 13-15 wins a season with a 3.8-3.9 ERA in each. Now the number 3 spot, Manny Parra, he no doubt has the talent but can he succeed, yes i think he can do decent, i would project about 13 wins and 10 losses with an ERA around 4, thats pretty decent for a 3 starter. 4 starter Suppan, in all honesty his record just has to be at or above .500 and an ERA below 4.8 and he fills this roll solidly. 5 starter McClung or Bush, i think Villanueva and more could be nice trade bait for a 3rd basemen,  I like McClung as the 5 because he has a decent arsenal of pitches and ok control. And Bush is shaky. Nice spot starter though. In the End

Now the Batting order and bench. Our biggest need is oviously 3B because Hall sucks and Gamel cant field, and i think we should make a deal with the Mariners to get Adrian Beltre, have them eat some salary, but give them Villanueva and Taylor Green and i think we could pry him away. He is also only under contract for 1 more year so we can give Gamel the job the year after because we will have him play 2/3 this season in the minors to improve his D at 3rd. Now on to 2nd base pretty easy to solve, Re-sign Ray Durham to a one year deal for about 5 million he is consistent and much better than Rickie Weeks. Now catcher, play Angel Salome in spring training and if he holds his own start him off in the majors, split time between him and Kendall than give Salome the starting job the next year. Now to Alcides Escobar, give him a utility role filling in at 2nd 3rd or SS when needed. Next try to lock up Prince Fielder but do not go over 6 years 85 million, now Hart. resign him next offseason once a couple contracts are off the books. Give Tony Gwynn Jr. The 4th outfielder job.

  • 1. LF Corey Hart
  • 2. SS JJ Hardy
  • 3. RF Ryan Braun
  • 4. 1B Prince Fielder
  • 5. 3B Adrian Beltre
  • 6. CF Mike Cameron
  • 7. 2B Ray Durham, play Weeks some to improve his trade value than trade him
  • 8. C Jason Kendall
  • Pitcher


  • OF Tony Gwynn Jr.
  • 3B, 2B, SS Alcides Escobar
  • C Angel Salome
  • Utility Bill Hall(its the only role we could get value out of him)

This is a very good team, that could win 92+ games and make the playoffs, if Fielder had a bounce back year itd have a shot at the world series. Plus much of our minors stays intact and we'd have a ton of draft picks.

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PH's top 25 NCAA football rankings, September 7th

After a great day of college football i figured i would make my own NCAA football top 25

1. USC, good offense, great defense, they are my #1

2. Georgia, Dan LeFevour should take down his Heisman poster near Comerica Park...

3. Oklahoma, they Crushed a good Cincy team

4. Ohio St., Todd Beockman sucks, they should play Terrelle Pryor

5.  Florida, i hate them but i was impressed by there victory over Miami

6. Missouri, only problem is no dominant running back

7. LSU, they will destroy Troy

8. Texas, not a big fan of them but you cant argue with results

9. Auburn, they need to learn how to hang on to the football, they cannot make mistakes like that when SEC play starts

10. Wisconsin, Alan Evridge looked great today, proving he can play is a big boost for Wisconsin

11. Kansas, they should have scored more points against Lousiana Tech, but they still looked solid

12. Arizona St., i like ASU alot, there defense is improved and Rudy Carpenter is the best QB in the pac 10

13. Texas Tech, didnt dominate against Nevada but still won by 16

14. Alabama, there Special Teams and Defense carried them today

15. Oregon, One of the most underrated football programs in CFB, they always have a decent team

16. Penn St., they straughtered Oregon St. today

17. Wake Forest, they showed up in the clutch today and pulled out a nice win against an underrated Ole Miss. team

18. USF, UCF was a good test today and USF came through

19. ECU, they play smart football by not turning the ball over and not giving up big plays

20. Utah, the best team in the Mountain West, Brian Johnson is awesome

21. BYU, not as good as we thought, they almost lost to Jake Locker today, luckily the refs blew a call

22. West Virginia, there offensive line looks like the worst WVU has had in a while

23. Fresno St., they played well setting up a great match up against Wisconsin next week

24. Illinois, Juice Williams a heisman contender?

25. Georgia Tech, Paul Johnson is the most underrated coach in CFB

the next best 15

26. UCLA

27. Clemson

28. Cal

29. Virginia Tech

30. Tulsa

31. Tennessee

32. Boise St.

33. South Carolina

34. Oklahoma St.

35. Ole Miss.

36. Miami, Randy Shannon has them heading in the right direction

37. Arizona

38. Kentucky

39. Minnesota, they crushed Bowling Green, who beat Pitt. by 10


Heisman top 5 (no specific order other than Tebow who should be no. 1)

1. Tim Tebow

2. Knowshon Moreno

3. Chase Daniel

4. Sam Bradford

5. Rudy Carpenter

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pizza's top 40 prospects (includes draftees)

Here is my current list of the top 40 prospects in the MLB with comments on the first 20, i did not include guys like Bruce, Kershaw, Clement, Lowrie, Masterson ect. because they are in the bigs and probably wont be seing the minors again, even though they are technically still prospects
1. David Price, SP, Rays, dominating young pitcher
2. Matt Weiters, C, Orioles, the next great catcher
3. Jason Heyward, OF, Braves, 5 tool outfielder
4. Colby Rasmus, OF, Cardinals, struggles early but has heated up
5. Cameron Maybin, OF, Marlins, 5 tool outfielder, still way to raw
6. Matt LaPorta, OF, Brewers, dominating in AA this year
7. Rick Porcello, SP, Tigers, talented young pitcher, overpowering stuff
8. Andrew McCutcheon, OF, Pirates, 5 tool outfielder who has developed power
9. Travis Snider, OF, Jays, powerful OF ahead of the learning curve
10. Jeremy Hellickson, SP, Rays, massive strikeout potential, great stuff
11. Jake McGee, SP, Rays, consistent pitcher but needs to get better control
12. Madison Bumgarner, SP, Giants, massive strikeout potential, great stuff
13. Mike Moustakas, SS, Royals, struggled early, heating up lately
14. Mat Gamel, 3B, Brewers, probably the minors best player this year stat wise
15. Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Pirates, lots of power potential
16. Angel Villalona, 1B, Giants, 17 year old with tons of raw power
17. Buster Posey, C, Giants, i like him more than others, GG defense, great hitter
18. Trevor Cahill, SP, A's, dominating in minors, great control
19. Max Ramirez, C, Rangers, can flat out hit
20. Fernando Martinez, OF, Mets, raw outfielder way ahead of the lurning curve
21. Chris Volstad, SP, Marlins
22. Phillipe Aumont, SP, Mariners
23. Chris Tillman, SP, Orioles
24. Reid Brignac, SS, Rays
25. Brett Anderson, SP, A's
26. Tim Beckham, SS, Rays, too raw
27. Brian Matusz, SP, Orioles
28. Elvis Andrus, SS, Rangers
29. Jesus Montero, C, Yankees
30. Desmond Jennings, OF, Rays
31. Justin Smoak, 1B, Rangers
32. Gordon Beckham, SS, White Sox
33. Tim Alderson, SP, Giants
34. Eric Hosmer, 1B, Royals
35. Lars Anderson, 1B, Red Sox
36. Carlos Carrasco, SP, Phillies
37. Jarrod Parker, SP, DBacks
38. Aaron Crow, SP, Nationals
39. Chris Marrero, OF, Nationals
40. Chris Davis, 1B, Rangers
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